Professional Sound, made in Germany !

We are at home in the heart of Germany (the Sauerland) and have been developing loudspeaker systems, made in Germany, since 1986.
Our primary goal here is not only to transmit the sound impression of sound events as accurately as possible, but also to meet the highest demands in the field of dynamics and performance efficiency.

Over the past decades, our development work has led to a variety of product designs that are not only sophisticated but also unique in some cases. From the first cut to painting and assembly, we manufacture completely ourselves. As a result, we are able to offer professional loudspeaker technology at a price/performance ratio that is almost impossible to beat. You should be convinced of this for yourself how excellently we succeed in this and why we give a 5-year warranty on our passive loudspeaker products. Maybe at a personal screening in one of our showrooms.

  • 100% Premium Chassis: B&C, Eighteen Sound, Faital Pro and RCF.
  • 100% handmade: Own wood, metal and plastic processing.
  • Surface finishing in powder coating, varnish and plastic.
  • Custom orders for installations (theatre, hotel, holiday parks)
  • 1986 The production of special buildings of the first systems begins.
  • 2002 The F15CX (M15CX) is delivered for the first time.
  • 2003 The label “PL-audio” is created.
  • 2003 Development of the PIG BOX.
  • 2006 The LINE array LA-210 is delivered for the first time.