Measurement at the Institute of Acoustics and Audio Technology

Our new bestseller gets an upgrade. Anselm Görtz ( and his team created directivity and balloon data for EASE. The LA-210 was brought to various positions with an ELF rotary arm and measured in the low-reflection class 1 half-space with WinMF and highest sample frequencies. In addition, new presets, made by Amseln Görtz, for the Powerpac 10.4 DSP.

Weatherproof installation, with UniRay.

UniRay Standard was installed for sonication and continued to be installed in the vicinity of the Gala 8 Speaker grandstand. The amping was realized with our Powerpacs.

A large number of Gala 8 speakers were installed under the canopy. In addition, F5 Pro are used indoors. Bass support is available for this system with a B18 DLX Sub. In addition to a high range and speech intelligibility, our system also scores with its weather resistance.


Our sales partner in the Netherlands, and a real MEGA event. The sonication was realized with PL-audio. It’s not just the stage that has gigantic dimensions here. More than 70 musicians on stage, which means: highest technical requirements in all fields. Our Line Array and 18DLX in action!

ALive & Kicking Festival

Um 13.30 h öffnen sich die Pforten und bereits um 14.00 h beginnt das Musikprogramm in Veghel (NL). Ultimate and violent. The Mega Festifal in the Netherlands. Countless bands on a big stage and thousands of enthusiastic visitors. fully equipped with PL-audio.

CUE Rotterdam

Fabolousrental and PL-audio at the CUE fair in Rotterdam. Exhibitors from all over the world present themselves at the trade fair for installation and event technology. Our trade fair team:

PL-audio Demo Day

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