• Manuals, software, simulation data and DSP PRESETS

    Here you will find controller software for our DSP amplifiers, suitable for your operating system. User manuals, information on individual DSP presets and EASE® & ULYSSES© simulation data for our linearrays.

Support for Presets

The addition of digital equalization is often not required for PL-audio products. Even classic bi-amp products (Linearray/Banana/TS41/Horntops, etc.) are increasingly being built with anaolgen crossovers that are adapted to all built-in combons. Another unique selling point in the professional market!

For an operation of classic 2-way active systems, you need the appropriate amping, with DSP controller. You can also optimize other speakers from our program further and operate them with our DSP presets. Not only does it improve operational safety, more affordability reserves are available, and the sonic benefits of your speaker can be further emphasized.

When purchasing a PL-audio amplifier, our PRESETS are “on board”. Custom presets can also be created. We are happy to help and assist you with advice and deeds in the compilation of your personal preset.

Request presets

You will receive an individual preset for your personal system directly from us. Please send us a message:

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