Lectern | Standalone and active

Unique, the PL-audio lectern “Lektor”!

If you want a quick and comprehensive solution for lectures and events up to 120 people, you will quickly be delighted by our “Lektor” lectern.

Lecture, welcome at events, conferences, trade fair or congress events.

With the lectern, you can focus on what is important in style. In our also visually very appealing housing, there is a lot of technical concealing.

Everything you need is installed in the console.

In addition to 2 microphones (gooseneck microphone and another radio microphone), the lectern includes a very powerful built-in loudspeaker, amplifier technology, sound control, desk light and the possibility to feed further signals into this system.

Two 20cm loudspeakers and an RF driver on top of each other ensure a very clear and comprehensible sound. Sound optimization for lectures also includes the fact that this system is extremely low-feedback.

That’s not enough

2 batteries allow 100% STANDALONE operation, over a period of 4-5 hours.