The D Series – Maximum Efficiency

The latest circuit technology enables the highest audio quality with excellent dynamics at enormous outputs (D2 to 12,000 watts). Our D-Series focuses on what high-performance amps need to be able to do, even in 2 Ohm operation!

The D2 is perfect for driving subwoofers. 2×4.5 KW (4Ohm).
The D4 is suitable for universal applications. Not only does it make a very good figure as a 4 channel power amplifier for tops, with 4x 2.5 KW (4Ohm) it is also suitable for driving basses.

Despite the low installation height (1U), a weight of only 12Kg, our D-Series also distinguishes low current consumption and heat generation in high-load operation. Latest digital amping with analog sound feeling and of course also with a 2-year warranty.