Gala T4 Tonsäule

The Gala T4 is equipped with four very high quality 4″ neodymiim broadband speakers. The elegant speaker housing made of multiplex birch wood provides a good basic tone.

The horizontal beam angle of more than 95° allows direct alignment of the sound. The result is a uniform sound pressure level and guarantees a very good sound.

The T4 offers very high speech intelligibility with the highest feedback reliability. Especially in acoustically problematic rooms, we generate more direct sound with the T4 Stick. The box comes with a optionally available swivel tilt that fits all common loudspeaker tripods.

The T4 is also suitable for wall and ceiling mounting. A L-bracket is optionally available for this purpose.

In conjunction with our active subs, you get a ready-to-play plug-and-play system at a high level.