Gala T6 Säule

The Gala T6 is equipped with six 4″ neodymian broadband speakers of very high quality. The elegant speaker housing made of multiplex birch wood provides a good basic tone. The 6 pieces 4″ speakers pair with 30° vertical lyher eaterily.

The result is a uniform sound pressure level in principle of the waveform and guarantees sound from the first to the last row. The horizontal beam angle of more than 100° allows direct alignment of the sound.

Unwanted reflections on walls, glass surfaces, ceilings and floors, etc. are very well eliminated and offer a high level of speech and feedback security.

The T6 comes with an optionally swivel tilt. A U-bolt for Truss or wall mounting is optionally available.

In conjunction with our active subwoofers, you get a ready-to-play plug-and-play system at a very high level.