The Banana Array

The entry into the world of line array technology.

Rarely has a product started with such great success. With the latest version of our Banana Array, we not only fulfill customer requirements, we link them to the experience of the past 6 years.

We were able to save almost 4KG in weight compared to the foreman and donate the Banana 4 recessed handles. The twincoaxial array unit can now also be operated BI-AMP (via a 4 channel DSP amplifier, or active bass sub) or even in PASSIV-MODE, with convetional amps.

Our bestseller continues to set standards in handling, weight, sound, radiation behaviour and the price-performance ratio. With the upgrade, many customers like to refer to this compact array as an “egg-laying wool milk sow”. We do not want to add anything to that.


  • Ultra compact high-performance speaker system in line array technology.
  • very low weight (22.5 KG) and low loading volume.
  • Very high performance and long range.
  • Passive and Bi-amp operation, adjustable with built-in crossover via selector switch.
  • Universally applicable, for all music styles.
  • Easy handling and extremely short set-up time.
  • Built-in flange for safe tripod operation, or flown applications with bracket system.
  • Different fronts and available in all RAL colours.