There they are: the egg-laying woolly milk sow!

The Big Banana Array System is a twincoaxial array unit with a vertical opening angle of 30° and a horizontal radiation of 110° and has been one of our bestsellers for many years.

The sound of the Big Banana can only be described as outstanding. Dises System sets new standards in the field of price performance, weight and handling. In the latest version, the system can now be operated BI-AMP (via one of our 4 channel DSP amplifiers, or active bass sub) or optionally in PASSIV-MODE, also with convetional amps.

4x line array for a normal box tripod and sound experiences, in this version a unique selling point and not comparable with conventional loudspeakers.


  • ultra compact high performance line array technology.
  • very low weight, 28 KG and low loading volume.
  • Plug & Play vor stands, stacking and fly operations.
  • 4 transport handles
  • Very high performance and range, even in the low-mid range.
  • Optional: BI-amp or passive operation (built-in crossover with switch).
  • Easy handling and the world’s shortest setup time for a line array.
  • 2 front designes available