B 18 DLX Sub

Universal and powerful!

Low frequency response and precise playback convince the B18 DLX Sub on the whole line.

Equipped with a Faital 18XL1600 chassis, the B18DLX delivers a very deep and powerful sound that is unparalleled.

The entire design meets all conceivable requirements in the field of professional sonication technology, be it in mobile touring everyday life or in the demanding fixed installation.

Also in active version

With a built-in 3-speed power amplifier, the chassis is powered with 1550 W (8 Ohm) and can still supply 2×800 watts (4 Ohm) to operate up to 4 top parts. The built-in DSP offers the professional user many comprehensive functions, with the highest reliability.


  • the precisely tuned symetric bass reflex effectiveness enables very precise bass transmission from 30 Hz to 165 Hz
  • Additional struts on the housing walls to eliminate wall resonances.
  • Common truck size, of 580 x 800 x 630 mm.
  • Six recessed carrying handles and a low weight of 45 kg allow best handling.