B 215 SUB

PA POWER with double 15″

The B 215 SUB is a very universal bass that can be combined with all our bass systems. Also stand-alone, in combination with our tops, such as F 210 Pro, or the BANANA system, this subwoofer makes a fantastic figure.

The B215 is passive lyrise and active

With the 3-chanel power amplifier, 2.5KW in the bass range and 2×800 watts are available for the operation of top parts. We have integrated the complete control electronics for a PA system with four tops and two subwoofers in one subwoofer. This means fast set-up time and low cable effort.

Top parts from third-party manufacturers can also be used without any problems. Whether gala or rock: This double 15″ subwoofer combines very high performance and excellent sound characteristics.