HT 208 PRO

HT 208 Pro is a 2-way passively constructed high-performance top part of the upper class.

The HT 208 Pro Top parts are outstanding sounding sound converters. A high range, very good voice reproduction and real music enjoyment characterize this speaker. A crossover perfectly matched to all components completes the overall picture.

Not only because of the considerable size, the air motion tweeter installed on an area of 6″ is something very special!

And that’s how this speaker sounds! The harmonic distortion factor (K2) runs almost linearly over the entire frequency range and even in the usual “domain” for compressio drivers, the inharmonious distortion factor (K3), this tweeter exceeds the measurement results of all other models.

Until now mainly used for cinema sound systems, the 4″ driver with our special horn attachment is now also perfectly equipped for its tasks, medium to medium-sized events. 2 specially selected 8″ premium chassis guarantee linear transmission even in the mid-range. Slightly horn-loaded, the two 8″ achieve amazing things here!

The HT 208 Pro is not only visually different. Anyone who has ever heard it can “leave” her very hard. An excellent tool for every sound engineer and for all those who put high-quality playback first, just PURE FREUDE!

With only 19kg transport weight and the inserted handles, the handling is perfect. The slim design and the unobtrusive design will convince many users in the gala and industrial sector.

For applications in the installation and theatre sector, we offer the HT 208 Pro even without touring hardware.