HT 210 PRO

With a sound pressure of 108db/1w1m, the HT210 Pro should be unrivalled in this compact design.

The special 10″ chassis have an “Active Impedance Control function” consisting of an additional coil attached to the pole piece, which is connected parallel to the movable coil. The magnetic field generated by this coil has the following effect.

  • significant increase in sensitivity and total sound pressure level
  • Reducing overall harmonic distortions
  • Constant power transmission

The special horn-driver combination transmits linearly up to 20 Khz at a radiation of 85° x 45° degrees. Wherever high power reserves – speech intelligibility and a perfect sound are required, the HT 210 Pro Top part will be used and will fully convince every professional user.

With only 34 kg and very compact dimensions, the box is also very transport-friendly. Furthermore, for bands it is also possible to set up with tripod, with a built-in flange.

The HT 210 Pro Top parts are neutral-sounding sound converters with a very high range and are universally suitable for a wide range of applications, from music to voice playback, without the use of DSP presets. We have designed the passive crossover in such a way that the HT 210 Pro can be used with all standard power amplifiers and bass boxes.

Users who want to use their previous material but are looking for a powerful extension in the top part area are therefore exactly right with this horn-loaded loudspeaker.

In combination with our active basses or system power amplifiers, very powerful plug and play systems can be assembled at the highest level. Whether club, cover band, rock n roll or concert application – the HT 210 Pro ensures an optimal sound result in any situation with or without sound technician.